Unlocking unlimited potential & presence is a journey of self-healing, discovery & expansion. Progress for the future is made by being present in the now. As one gains awareness, one is able to shape their own destiny. Every thought, word, action creates vibration and the future. Our inward journey of discovery leads to healing & personal evolution. Healing takes time, a lot of time! Sometimes we do not even realize how deeply wounded we are from past experiences. Our cellular memory and our DNA holds onto trauma affecting us every second since the infliction of the wound. Not only does OUR trauma haunt us throughout life, but our parents, grandparents and all ancestors also journey with us day to day in our DNA; epigenetic studies of generational trauma is allowing scientists to more fully understand what spiritual practices have been eluding to throughout time. "The sins of our fathers", and in yoga known as "samskars"; all experience leaves an impression whether we are conscious to it or not. Making the unconscious, conscious allows for healing and improved well being.

Reflection from my own journey:

Living with active PTSD & Overcoming it

A day in the life: waking up from a restless sleep to to the feeling of your heart about to explode from your chest, gasping for air sometimes from the sudden awareness of conscious reality. Unsure why you feel the way you do but guessing you were having a horrific nightmare as your subconscious was just controlling you. As your thoughts race rapidly with no direction or focus you try to continue through the morning routine. After awhile, you become robotic in an effort to just function. Cruising through life on autopilot so your system doesnt completely shut down; you think it must be a defense mechanism, your vessel has to maintain in order to support your continued existence. Over time you just accept this is what your life is; this is reality. Life becomes a bland flavor that you accept, but do not really enjoy. You think, hmm I wish things were different, I want to love life again, but do not see how its possible. You withdraw from friends and family because ultimately the light inside you has dimmed so low that you can barely maintain conversations. You feel guilty for not being able to maintain relationships. People misjudge your actions, people take your isolation personally. You can come off as stand offish or cold, distant. Being distant is the new baseline for all things in your life. The longer this continues, the more hopeless and stuck you feel. Your life is ruled by your erratic emotional responses to trigger and stressors. You have people that intentionally trigger you just for fun. You become a toy for people to play with, at the mercy of your emotions. You try a doctor, maybe some meds and therapy.., but alas nothing seems to really help. There is no happy life in your future, you just try your best to cope on a daily basis.

But then one day something changes that makes your brain function differently. You're not sure exactly how it happened, but it did. You suddenly start to become aware that you are ultimately able to change your perception of reality and transform your life. You begin the transformation process and begin to heal. You worry it might go back to how it was before, but over time you begin to trust this new found bright light inside yourself. The more you work at it, the brighter your light becomes. Being full of love and light, excited for life and the future you begin to be your true self again. No longer plagued by seeds of doubt and fear, you start to express yourself to people and now the world. This is my story. Now I am free.

We rise by lifting each other; it is my wish to share what I have learned in hopes of helping others rise from their own ashes and fly passionately through life as a phoenix, reborn.

Namaste. 💗



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